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About ACRC Trials


Advanced - patient treatments provided through state of the art consultations, research, medications, and techniques. 

Care - provided by clinically trained, knowledgeable, and friendly staff that is dedicated to providing ongoing care, support, and information to our patients and Sponsors.

Research - expertise and exceptional understanding of the standards set by the industry, such as strict adherence to protocols, Good Clinical Practice guidelines and complete and accurate documentation. Our personal attention to detail gives us the ability to provide timely and proficient results for trials.

Centers - of research are committed to building positive relationships by communicating effectively with patients and Sponsors and by being available and accessible to them at all times. 

ACRC Trials conducts Phase II, III, and IV outpatient research for a broad base of therapeutic areas in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, nutrition and medical device industries. Established in 2006, ACRC Trials’ partner sites include those practicing general medicine as well as those practicing a range of specialties. Our sites include those conveniently located within our building at Legacy Medical Village as well as others within the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex and Austin. Our location allows us to capture an ethnically diverse population for our studies.

ACRC Trials has a proven reputation in producing high quality data for Sponsors and Contract Research Organizations. We routinely receive recognition from Sponsors and CROs for our organization’s dedication to making each study a success, via our Standard Operating Procedures, comprehensive and professional source documents, detailed documentation, and methodical approach to achieving our target goals for each study. The integrity of our data has been verified several times, via successful Sponsor audits.


The key to our success is our committed staff of researchers, who have gained a reputation for excellence in their rigorous attention to detail. Our physician investigators, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants are all very enthusiastic researchers and maintain a close oversight of all studies. The research staff also consists of research coordinators with extensive medical training and concrete backgrounds in research, along with administrative staff, research assistants, a dedicated recruitment department, regulatory specialists, and contracts & budgets personnel. The management team, which includes the Research Director, Director of Business Operations, Study Manager, and Manager of Regulatory Affairs, ensures that we are always on target and are improving our processes so we can focus on our aim of achieving collectively, what we cannot achieve alone – the advancement of medicine.

Our Mission

Today's Research. Tomorrow's Medicines.

As a leader in research, ACRC Trial's mission is to provide exceptional services to our sponsors and volunteers, and to set the standard of excellence in coordinating clinical trials so patients can enjoy the benefits of approved treatments as quickly as possible.


Our aim is to advance medical treatments, establish ourselves and our team of top-notch physicians as leaders in clinical research and offer our research team a great place to work.


We make a contribution to medicine, and therefore, society.

We aim to provide high quality data and services to our sponsors. We implement all protocols in the most ethical and efficient manner so our sponsors have the data they need to expedite the drug development process.

We strive to provide our study volunteers with a exceptional research experience given with respect and care. Research study volunteers allow us to investigate new medications that may in the future, help patients lead longer, healthier and happier lives.

We aim to establish ourselves and our enthusiastic team of top-notch physicians researchers as leaders in clinical research. We accomplish something collectively, that we could not accomplish separately.

We strive to maintain a friendly, productive, and fair work environment for our staff, which fosters new ideas and rewards hard work.

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