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Your participation provides us with important information, which is necessary to discover new therapies for diseases and disorders. People participate in medical research studies for a number of reasons. Many want access to new drugs and free medical care that the studies provide. Most appreciate the compensation provided for time and travel. We provide an opportunity for our patients and volunteers to participate in the evaluation of new medical treatments which are not yet available for general use as well as already available treatments that require further evaluation in an everyday setting.

Without volunteers, there would be no new therapies for diseases and disorders. Volunteering for paid clinical research studies doesn’t take a lot of time or any special skills, yet it’s among the most valuable jobs you can do and have the satisfaction of helping others. Our participants have shared reasons that motivate them to participate in studies conducted by ACRC Trials:

  • Making a little extra income is a good reason why they volunteer for our paid clinical research studies. But it’s not the only one.

  • Some want access to the medical care that is provided at no cost through our studies.

  • Many study volunteers appreciate the close medical attention they receive as part of the study. 

  • Some hope to gain education about the latest medical management and appreciate the access they have to existing and new potential treatments for their condition that are currently not available on the market. 

  • Others want to help find a cure for their disease or hope to improve the symptoms related to their medical condition.

  • Many volunteer to help bring innovative treatments to reality for friends and family who need new medical options or simply to advance medical care and benefit society. 

  • Some volunteer because they don’t take their own health for granted – and realize they may someday need the medicines on trial today.


It does not cost the patient anything to be a part our research studies.  We never bill you or your insurance company, so health insurance is not necessary.  All study records are kept confidential and separate from clinic charts.  This is a great opportunity for patients to receive medical care and have all study related tests performed at no charge.  The following are provided at no charge to you, upon qualification for & enrollment into a trial:

  • All medical care such as physical exams, lab tests, counseling, and study medication

  • All study related testing.  For example, blood work (for diabetes), breathing tests (for asthmatics) and skin tests (for patients with allergies). 


Financial compensation is also typically provided for your time and travel expenses.


Each study is different but the impact is the same: Volunteers are helping transform new drug possibilities into real medical breakthroughs.

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